Ice Climbing Guide:

Dear iceclimbers,

The valley Maltatal is one of the best ice climbing areas in Austria. Ice climbers can find all kind of routes, easy frozen creeks, long, steep falls and tricky mixed climbing routes.
You can reach the valley and even the waterfalls very easy and most of them are protectet against avalanches.

!!! Please recogize !!!

Most of the falls are on private property. The areas ares used for hunting and wood processing. There was made an agreement between iceclimbers, landowners and hunters.
Please observe the following rules:

  1. The hunting season ends at Dec. 31st. Please start climbing at Jan. 1st.
  2. Please use the car parks. The road is closed in winter at the toll station of the pay road Malta-Hochalmstrasse (Falleralm)!
  3. Please use roads, ways and paths. Avoid passing deer feedings!
  4. Rapell down the waterfalls after finishing - You can find trees with slings or bolts - or descent biside the waterfalls. Please do not escape in upper regions after climbing a fall (wildlife recreation areas).
  5. If You are planing a new route, please get in contact with us.
  6. Camping is not allowed in this area (privat property), please avoid noise and garbage.
How to come to the waterfalls
Vorderer Maralmfall
Mittlere Maralmfälle
Hinterer Maralmfall
Grosser Klammfall ("Mareiner")
Kleiner Klammfall ("Marimpel")
Vorderer Keesbachfall ("Schweinchen Dick")
The quality of the ice depends on weather, temperature, rain and snowfall and many other determinants. You have to decide by Your own, if the ice is climbable!